Fundraising for your charity

Running a charity isn’t easy. Not only do you have to choose who you would like to help, but how you are going to help and then finally you have to work out how your charity is going to afford to help! Whilst some charities will be lucky enough to find rich donors to contribute, this is sadly not the case for many charities who have to rely on fundraising.

Whilst fundraising is a vital part of running a charity it is time consuming and difficult. There are several ways to fundraise; raffles, auctions, events/balls and many others and while all of these fundraising methods do have the potential to raise fund for your charity, they all have their own challenges.

Many fundraising efforts require vast amounts of time spent planning, promoting and running the event itself. Alongside this, some fundraising methods require an initial outlay of money. This can be to purchase prizes for a raffle, hiring of a venue, promotional costs to ensure the event is a success, etc. After spending this initial outlay, you then have no guarantee on the financial return and may actually risk losing money. In this circumstance not only would you have lost your initial outlay but your time as well. Whilst you can always raise more funds for the charity, the time lost is never able to be returned or replaced. The more time spent fundraising is less time spent supporting those you want to help

Charity Lottery

A further fundraising option is a charity lottery. A charity lottery enables supporters of a charity to donate whilst giving themselves the opportunity to win cash prizes.

The convenient thing about a lottery is that you are fully aware of how much your charity will be earning before the event takes place. Whilst charity lotteries are proven to be an effective fundraising method, there are certain elements that can be time consuming and confusing when running your own lottery.

This is where a ELM (External Lottery Manager) comes in. An External Lottery Manager manages your charity lottery on your behalf. This ensures that your lottery is run effectively, legally, on time and can offer their expertise on the subject. Because of this, you can maximise your time spent supporting those whom your charity helps. Many ELMs, such as Prize Provision Services, will run weekly lotteries to support your charity.

This means that not only are you able to raise funds for your charity weekly. But you are also able to forecast how much money will be coming into the charity itself. Therefore you are able to build long term plans to spend the money where the charity, and those it supports, need it the most.

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