What Are The Rules Of A Society Lottery?

“What are the rules of a society lottery?” is one of the first questions we get asked by the majority of our clients. For any lottery to be legal there are several rules that need to be adhered to.

Three Objectives

To ensure society lotteries are run properly they must adhere to the objects and rules of the Gambling Act 2005. The three objectives of the act are:

  • Gambling is not to be a source of crime and disorder

  • Promotion of fair and open play

  • Protecting the young and vulnerable

Rules To Follow

Alongside the objectives, there also some rules that societies must adhere to when running a lottery. Lotteries are strictly for non-profit and non-commercial good causes – this helps ensure that those that will benefit the most from a lottery are protected from a crowded market.

Only non-commercial societies and licensed external managers may promote ‘society’ lotteries. This helps ensure that the lottery is not promoted to those who are young and vulnerable – children under 16 years old, problem gamblers or gambling addicts, and those with potential mental incapacities. Alongside this, all non-commercial societies must be either registered with their local authority or licensed with Gambling Commission to promote a society lottery.

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