We’ve Had Another £25,000 Jackpot Winner!

We are very excited to have had another £25,000 jackpot winner! Congratulations to David Carthy, who won the jackpot whilst supporting Safe Haven For Donkeys. This win marked our second jackpot winner in just 6 weeks!

David has been playing Safe Haven For Donkeys’ lottery for years, helping support the fantastic work they do. We took the opportunity to catch up with David to talk about his huge jackpot win.

Why and when did you join the lottery?

We started supporting the Safe Haven for Donkeys many years ago and joined the Weather Lottery when they started their lottery, quite a number of years ago now but, honestly, can’t remember how long that is.

Did the jackpot influence you to join the lottery?

Not at all, as the prime reason was to support the charity. Whilst a jackpot always sounds nice, like many people, I imagine, we always thought that kind of thing doesn’t happen to us. In fact, I actually thought the jackpot was £10,000!

What was your first thought when you found out you had won the jackpot?

I couldn’t believe it when we received the phone call! It was only when the team started talking about coming to present the cheque that I started to think it may be real. I even rang the Donkey charity the next day to confirm that they also knew about this!

Are you planning to spend the winnings on anything special?

We’re actually still trying to take in the news. We may look at some home improvements but will take a bit of time to think about which ones. Also, with two daughters, two granddaughters and Christmas around the corner, I dare say that presents may be a bit more generous this year!

Would you recommend other people play the lottery?

Most definitely! Especially if there is a particular charity which you’d like to support whilst at the same time having that thought at the back of your mind that, just possibly, it could be you.

If you think your society could benefit from it’s very own lottery then simply nominate them using the contact form below!

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