You’re reading this because you’re in charge of fundraising for a charity or society you feel passionately about. It’s a daunting and challenging task isn’t it? Well, the good news is – you’re in the right place!

In the current economic climate we understand it’s hard to get people to put their hand in their pocket for a charity. They may already donate to a cause, they may give up their time instead, or money is just too tight to give away more than they possibly can afford to. We understand, bills have gone up and increasing living costs make it hard for people to give more, we all wish our own funds went in the same direction as our raising expenditures!

Don’t worry, we have put together the Top 3 Tips to increase fundraising, and we’re going to share with you. Get your pen and paper ready…


This should be an obvious one, your charities website should have an integrated payment portal. This is one of the simplest ways for charities to dramatically increase their income. Also, the fewer ‘clicks’ it takes to make the donation – the better! Studies have shown that having more than one click on your donations form reduces conversion rates by an average of 35%. After a second click, every extra click a supporter has to make on average reduces conversion rates by an additional 20%.


Social media is massive. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the most visited platforms in the world. It’s no surprise that the average person checks-in on these sites several times a day, it’s become part of our daily routine. Making sure your charity has a strong social media presence, and a way to procure funds directly from these sites, is of considerable importance.


On many charity websites the only ‘call-to-action; is their ‘donate now’ button. This is obviously an important feature of any charity website, but to appeal to a wider audience and increase fundraising; there needs to be more. For many visitors they want an incentive. Where will my money go? Do I get appreciation or acknowledgement from the charity? Can I be sure it’s going directly to the cause it advertises, and not to fund the share-holders’ annual banquet?


A fantastic way to raise funds, that also ticks all the of these boxes; is the charity lottery. By launching your own lottery- with the help of an external lottery manager like Prize Provision Services- is a tried-and-tested way to raise uncapped funds. They can create a webpage for your charity within their own website, and help you add a lottery page to your own site. They can also create linkable email signatures for you, and show you how to maximise your social media by adding payment portals within them.

In addition to this, when you launch your own lottery your incentivising your supporters with weekly cash prizes of up to £25,000. However, you needn’t worry; all prizes are paid out by the external lottery administrator, and not the charity. Plus; because of the clarity regarding your lottery promotion; the public know exactly where their financial support is going – directly to the cause they feel passionately about.

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