The Role Of An External Lottery Manager

External Lottery Managers (ELM) help you set-up a lottery, they do all the hard work and make sure your lottery is fair, compliant with rules and regulations, and professional. The ELM is completely regulated by the Gambling Commission, it keeps all player information safe, secure, and GDPR compliant. It does the actual lottery draw, which is transparent, fair, fully-licensed and approved. The ELM even pays out 100% of the prizes!

What Does An External Lottery Manager Do?

An External Lottery Manager (“ELM”) is a company that has years of industry knowledge and expertise to help your lottery succeed. Your ELM will handle things such as:

  • Handling entry payments
  • Managing the draw
  • Administration of the lottery
  • Handling prizes

Many ELM’s will already have the necessary software and draw methods to get your lottery started. This not only saves your society money on setting up and running your lottery but precious time as well. The majority of External Lottery Managers will handle the prizes for you, which helps save your society huge amounts of money per draw. Your ELM will handle almost every aspect of your lottery, all you have to do is make sure to promote the lottery and encourage your supporters to join. Remember, the more players that join, the more funds for your society!

Who Are Prize Provision Services?

Prize Provision Services are an External Lottery Manager, comprising a team of fundraising, administrative, sales, data and marketing experts. We manage over 800 society lotteries on behalf of charities, sports clubs, political parties, trade unions and other non-profit organisations across Great Britain.

Due to the fact that not every society or society is the same, we take an individual and personal approach to every new client we work with. Most of all because no two are identical; fundraising for and managing these clients requires patience, attentiveness as well as vision.

We offer various products to not for profit organisations. These include The Weather Lottery , Sports Club Lottery, Scratchcards and Raffles.

Our Products

The Weather Lottery

The Weather Lottery is an innovative fundraising lottery scheme, administered entirely by Prize Provision Services Ltd. It’s a simple, reliable and consistent way for communities, charities and good causes of all shapes and sizes to start raising unlimited funds.

The Sports Club Lottery

We know that is can be hard to find the funds to keep a sports team running. There’s kit, pitch hire, equipment, travel, etc. Which is why we made The Sports Club Lottery. It is a simple, reliable and consistent way for Sports Clubs of all shapes and sizes to raise unlimited funds.We make it easy to increase your fundraising. You can be set up in days, we’re fully licensed by the Gambling Commission and with all the lottery administration taken care of, you’re able to focus on promoting your lottery, rather than spending countless hours sat at a desk administering it.


Scratchcards are an easy way to raise funds without needing supporters to make a long term commitment. Simply promote the cards to your supporters and count the money as it comes in.

  • Tiered prize structure
  • Easy to sell at events – No supporter commitment
  • Perfect for shops and outlets
  • All the administration taken care of

We have different packages to choose from, to suit your size and take care of everything for you. From design and printing to prize distribution when your supporters win.

Raffles And More

We are also happy to manage raffles on your behalf to save you administration time and keep you helping those that need it. Using our experienced team we will ensure that your raffle is a fundraising success. If there are any other fundraising platforms that you would like help with, be sure to get in touch below and we will help out any way we can!

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