Meetings underway to discuss increasing limits on Society Lotteries

The Gambling Commission recently launched a consultation to begin long-awaited discussion regarding the limits on society lotteries.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport stated in summer that it was planning to increase the maximum annual sales limit for society lotteries from £10m to £50m. It was also said it would increase the maximum draw prize for society lotteries from £400,000 to £500,000. As well as the individual per-draw sales limit going up from £4m to £5m. The government had originally indicated that it would raise the annual sales limit to £100m, as had been requested for years by many society lottery operators as well as the Institute of Fundraising. However in the summer it was said that they would increase it to £50m and consider consulting on raising it to £100m at a later date.

However these limits have not been increased for about a decade.

The Gambling Commission welcomed views on increasing the limits “as soon as possible”, with transitional provisions to enable society lotteries to operate under a revised regime on a pro-rata basis during the first year. The date of implementation will depend on when an order can be put through parliament to amend the legislation that sets the licence conditions and codes of practice governing society lotteries. The updated licence conditions will include a new social responsibility code, the consultation proposes, which will say that licensees must ensure that sufficient information is made available to consumers to enable them to make informed choices before participating in lotteries.

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