School Fundraising with a Lottery

With increasing running costs, government cuts and staff shortages, the majority of schools across the nation have had to tighten their purse strings in the past few years. With this in mind many schools have tried various ways to increase their fundraising. There’s summer fayre’s, auctions, raffles and fundraising events dotted throughout the term-time, but what about during holidays when arguably the schools need the money the most? This is why many schools, colleges and education faculties have started to look at innovative, trusted and reliable means to school fundraising.

If you have children yourself, or you may remember back to when you were at school, there’s many ways of raising important funds for the upkeep and development of your school. There’s events, donation-drives and products you’d pay for knowing that a percentage went to the school. However these were just one-off revenues, and not regular incomes for the school. During the holidays the school would have no revenue, and if they’d failed to raise enough money, then no building and faculty improvements could be implemented during its down time. This is why lotteries are the perfect for school fundraising.

Why Lotteries are Fantastic Fundraisers

When a school starts their own lottery it creates a regular, uncapped revenue stream that guarantees money on a monthly basis. Not only this; but a school of 1000 students could potentially have a lottery bringing in thousands of pounds a month in pure profit. This is because the very first pool of players could be the very parents who have children in the school.

Running a lottery for a school may seem a daunting task, but it needn’t be. Using a lottery manager like Prize Provision Services ensures that all the admin tasks, legal requirements, licensing and more importantly – 100% of the prize money – comes directly from the external lottery manger. This means that the school gets all the uncapped profits, and the lottery manager does all the hard work!

If you would like to start a lottery to increase your school fundraising, contact us today.

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