Promoting Your Lottery After Lockdown

With lockdown restrictions due to ease in the coming weeks this is an important time for societies. After months of reduced fundraising income, societies are now in a position to start gradually increasing their fundraising efforts once again. Check out this guide for information about how to promote your lottery after lockdown.

Lockdown Restrictions Easing

The government has decided to begin easing lockdown restrictions which is good news for societies reliant upon fundraising. As these restrictions ease, societies will be able to return to more traditional promotional methods.

If your society had a lottery set up prior to lockdown, hopefully you will have seen continuous income over the past few months, enabling your society to continue operating and covering any overheads. Or, should you have realised the significance a lottery can have, this guide has some top tips to help you improve the income it can provide for your society. Alternatively, if you have never considered your lottery a priority, get in touch with us and we can help you get started.

In-Store/Rescue Centre Leaflets

With the government allowing non-essential shops to re-open, charity shops and animal rescue centres can begin to open their doors once again. Be sure to place leaflets in your shops or centres to increase the visibility of your lottery to your supporters.

We recommend having the leaflets somewhere visible and easily accessible with social distancing in mind, to ensure that people can maintain a 2-metre distance from others. Place your leaflets on a stand or table near the payment counter, or wherever most of the direct interaction with your customers takes place. That way you can provide information and encourage customers to take a leaflet to learn more and to sign up. Make sure the stand has a pen and a box to deposit the forms to maximise the chances of supporters signing up.

When a customer makes a purchase, you could also hand over a leaflet alongside their receipt, providing a further opportunity to talk about how the lottery helps your society. Or if you would prefer, simply include a leaflet in their bag when putting their items in it, ensuring they will take the leaflet home and improving the chances of them signing up to your lottery. Make sure that all of your shops staff are informed about the lottery to ensure they can give as much information as possible to your supporters.


As lockdown continues to ease, we can expect a gradual increase in the number and size of events being organised. Fundraising events are a fantastic opportunity to inform supporters about your lottery as they offer a chance to communicate directly.

Make sure that leaflets are visible and easily accessible throughout the event to encourage people to pick them up. During interactions with your supporters, mention your lottery and its benefits and let them know how they can join to be in with a chance of winning.
If you organise a dinner or banquet, or any event with seating, place leaflets on each table or better yet, on each individual placemat. This is a great way to further ensure that your supporters are being made aware of your lottery.

To maximise your results, encourage guests to fill in the forms in person at the event and return them to you so they don’t forget when they go home. Once the completed leaflets have been returned to you simply scan them and send to our admin to process them. Or, if you prefer you can pop them in the post and send them to us.

Direct Marketing

Beyond promotion at events and in charity shops, there is more you can do to use leaflets as a successful direct marketing tool for your lottery. Should you have access to your supporters addresses, sending them a leaflet in the post can be a great way to get their attention.

If you have a smaller supporter base that is predominantly local then you can post them yourself; if your supporters are spread out further across the country then simply pop them in the post to your supporters’ addresses. As well as increasing awareness, if your supporters are ready to sign up, they simply complete the form attached to the leaflet and post it to our freepost address. Easier than that, they can be directed to our website and join your lottery in a matter of minutes.

If your society sends out printed newsletters, include a leaflet in the envelope or dedicate a section of your newsletter to your lottery – or even better, do both! Information should include key points about the lottery and how it helps your cause, as well as entry instructions and prize details.

An example of a promotional leaflet

Promoting Online

Social Media 

Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, post regularly across your social media channels for the maximum impact. Now is a fantastic time to inform your supporters how their lottery entry payments have helped support your society with a sustainable income throughout the period of lockdown. Leading on from that, let them know what the prize totals were and that they too can be in with a chance of winning whilst supporting your cause.

An example of a promotional Facebook post


Particularly now, email is a great tool for keeping your supporters informed with updates about your society, including your lottery. Make sure to include lottery details at every stage of your digital plan to keep it in the forefront of your supporters’ minds. Include links to your lottery page to make the sign up process as simple as possible for your supporters. The easier the process the more likely they are to join.


Canvassing can be a great way to increase fundraising and awareness of your society and fundraising activities, including your lottery. It will depend on your cause, your location, your budget and your goals, but there are a few options available – door-to-door canvassing, street fundraising or telephone fundraising. In our experience the most effective methods for society lotteries are door-to-door and telephone canvassing. If your society doesn’t have any experience with canvassing then be sure to get in touch and we can help you!

Door To Door

Door-to-door canvassing is popular with societies, as it enables them to directly initiate contact with potential supporters. The face-to-face nature provides the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of your lottery and how it helps support your society. Door-to-door canvassing is particularly successful for societies who have a local interest as people are more likely to support a local cause.


Telephone canvassing may not be as personal as door-to-door, but there are plenty of benefits that make it a great option for your society. Due to the lack of travel involved, telephone canvassing is significantly more time-efficient than door-to-door fundraising and therefore more efficient for targeting a considerable number of potential future players. It is also much easier for them to be comfortably sat down whilst engaging in conversation, rather than being on the doorstep – an uninviting prospect in the colder months! Against door-to-door methods, telephone canvassing also has the upper hand in challenging rural regions where homes are often spread out far from each other, as well as in urban areas where many apartment buildings require a code or key to enter.

Get In Touch

If you would like any help with the promotion of your lottery, please contact our team and we will do our very best to assist you.

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