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About Our Mickleover and how their lottery will help them

Mickleover has long been recognised as a desirable, vibrant place to live, visit, work and play. OUR MICKLEOVER was set up to bring together, celebrate and support the local community, so we are really excited that the OUR MICKLEOVER LOTTERY helps us to ensure that we can continue to see the community shine.

This weekly lottery, with a fantastic top prize of £25,000, will allow us to support local organisations.

This will:

Improve community facilities;

Increase community support for vulnerable, older and younger residents;

Extend involvement in the community.

With 50p from every £1 spent on the lottery going to community projects, the OUR MICKLEOVER LOTTERY raises money within the community for the benefit of the community.

For just £1 a week you can join Over Mickleover and win up to £25,000! Better yet, all of the profits from the lottery go directly to the charity. So not only do you win, but the park wins too. Join the Worthington Park lottery today!

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The Weather Lottery is a fundraising lottery service comprising of hundreds of individual society lotteries administered entirely by Prize Provision Services. It is a simple, reliable and consistent way for good causes of all shapes and sizes to start raising funds.

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