We are experts at lottery management and fundraising; that’s what we do best. We strive to provide you with all the support and advice you need, as a result running your own lottery is as stress-free as most of all profitable as possible.

Utilising years of lottery management experience, we apply our knowledge and expertise to ensure the lottery you set-up for your charity, sports team, society or club; is as exciting, engaging and most of all profitable as possible.

There are several ways to raise funds for your society – auctions, raffles, donation drives and also increasing membership costs, just to name a few. However in our twenty years of experience we’ve discovered the most efficient and rewarding way to improve your society’s fundraising. This is to introduce your own subscription-based cash prize lottery.

What Fundraising Lotteries do is…

  • First of all guarantee that your members pay a weekly fee to play your lottery, for as long as they’re registered.

  • Allows you to forecast your society’s profits on a long-term basis, as you watch our number of lottery players grow. Therefore helping you to budget for the year accordingly.

  • Brings you a guaranteed and sustainable income even when your society or sports club is experiencing down time. (e.g. Perhaps when your sports club’s season is over.)

  • Rewards your lottery players’ loyalty by offering them an opportunity to win a weekly cash jackpot of £25,000, in exchange for their weekly lottery plays.

At Prize Provision Services we help you set-up your very own lottery, which you will be able to market on your website, in your outlets, stadiums or stands. We keep track of your players, in addition to taking care of all the administrative work. Therefore don’t feel you have to be tech-savvy or a data whiz to run your own lottery – we’ll take care of that side of things for you. In addition to this, we give you you’re own webpage and a website template for your own site, so you can track the development of your own lottery.

How Does it Work?

As administrators of the lottery we run on a nominal fee, whilst the profits of your sold lottery tickets going straight back into your society. Therefore don’t worry about the cash prizes coming out of your funds; because we pay all winning prizes from out of our own pocket. As a result it’s so easy to run your very own lottery, and it’ll soon become obvious why.  So many charities, sports club and societies are already running their own lotteries and finally seeing their profits soar. If you’d like to find out more, contact us today…