Is The Older Generation Still The Most Charitable?

Millennials are more committed to volunteering to make a difference than any other age group, according to our national survey looking at attitudes towards volunteering across the UK. Their survey showed of 2,001 UK adults showed that under 35s volunteer more than any other generation, with over a quarter of 25-34 year olds (25%) currently giving up their time for charities, meanwhile just over one in eight respondents aged 45-54 (13%). The findings also revealed that only 1 in 12 people aged 16-24 said volunteering doesn’t interest them, however one in five respondents aged 55 admitted volunteering doesn’t interest them. The survey also shows that young people are more likely to lend a hand if they can receive experience from it. Forty percent of respondents aged 16-24 say they volunteer to gain new skills and experience, compared to a much smaller amount (18%) of those 55 and over.

Young People Donating More

Another study has also shown that despite most charities targeting them, older people are not the group that donate the most. The study, which surveyed 2,017 people in 2018, revealed that people aged between 35-54 donated an average amount of £265. Meanwhile those 55 and over donated an average £168. Although the study shows that 55+ do not donate the most on average, it did reveal that 63% of charities drew the majority of their support from over 50s. A further surprising statistic taken from the study was that those aged under 35 gave an average of £246, more than those aged 55 and above.

How does this effect Charities?

Both of these studies show that the common targeting of older audiences may not be the most effective anymore. Many charities do not actively target those under 35. As it was commonly believed they do donate as much as other age groups. However it would be wise for charities to start ensuring the younger generations are targeted to increase fundraising.

Charity Lottery

A fantastic method to target both of these markets that your society could use is a society lottery. Society lotteries offer a chance to target an extremely wide age range without hampering your current direct giving. To help make your lottery run more smoothly consider hiring an External Lottery Manager. Who will ensure that your lottery succeeds using a combination of knowledge and experience.

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