Introducing the MACS Lottery

We are very excited to welcome MACS in to our lottery family. We cannot wait to see how far the MACS lottery can go. MACS are a charity that specialise in working with children born without eyes or underdeveloped eyes. We spoke to Emily from MACS to find out more about the charity and their plans for their lottery.

About MACS

This year, 90 families in the UK will be told their babies have no eyes, small eyes, or a cleft in the eye. Many of them will have additional needs or other health challenges. Some will be told there’s no hope that their child will ever see. They may feel hopeless and alone – but they are not alone and there is hope.

MACS is the UK’s national charity for children born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes. We help over 2500 people across the UK, supporting them at each stage of their journey by providing peer support, practical help and opportunities to take part in life-changing activity trips.

The Future For MACS

We know MACS is making a huge difference to the lives of our members but we also know that isn’t enough.  There are so many MACS families out there who are alone and isolated.  We want to raise awareness of MACS conditions and MACS the Charity so every one of those 90 families a year who are told their baby has no eyes or underdeveloped eyes will know they are not alone.   MACS is here to for them every step of the way.

How will a lottery help your society?

COVID-19 almost decimated MACS’ income overnight but also created unprecedented demand for our services. The cancellation of the Virgin Money London Marathon has seen our main income stream nearly disappear, but we must continue delivering services to our families. Our lottery will help by introducing a new income stream to ensure that MACS can survive this difficult period and be there for future generations of MACS families.

What are your fundraising goals?

Looking ahead we are hopeful that next summer we will once again be able to meet each other again. We have provisionally booked in our adventure activities for MACS children and teenagers, as these age groups have missed out on so much social interaction for what is likely to be over a year. We also very much hope that in 2021 our regional groups and national events, such as our Family Weekend, will once again be possible – we cannot wait to see our members in every corner of the UK.

For more information on MACS be sure to check out their website and see all the great work they do. You can support them by joining their lottery from just £1, signing up is quick and easy with all profits going to the charity!

Fundraising In 2021

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