Introducing The Dalton In Furness Recreational Charity Trust Lottery

Dalton In Furness Recreational Charity Trust have recently begun their lottery fundraising journey. We are extremely excited to work with the trust and look forward to seeing their lottery grow. We spoke with Philip to learn a little more about the trust and what they do.

Please tell us about Dalton In Furness Recreational Charity Trust

Our trust is formed to support our towns leisure facility which is a charity run facility and as such is 100% self funding. It was built over 30 years ago and funded by the local community and raised on the back of door to door collections. Our trust helps to buy equipment and support the centre as it battles the loss of income from Covid.

Where do you see the future of the trust?

We aim to develop the centre into a more community hub with areas updated to allow society’s and other charities to use the centre.

How will a lottery help the trust?

In simple terms the lottery will be a life saver to the centre as it will support other fund raising activities. The ease of setting it up and the support given by the lottery organisers has been so easy. We aim to have 1000 players which will generate a regular monthly income to support our aims.

What are your fundraising goals?

Our plans are to raise initial funds to provide a pool side hoist for disabled access which will in turn bring in new pool users to the centre. This will be followed up with refurbishment of changing rooms, setting up counselling room and updating equipment for more energy efficient heating systems.

For more information on Dalton In Furness Recreational Trust,  check out their website and see all the great work they do. You can support them by joining their lottery from just £1, signing up is quick and easy with all profits going to the charity!

Fundraising In 2021

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