Introducing The Cuan Wildlife Rescue Lottery

Cuan Wildlife Rescue have recently started their very own society lottery and we cannot wait to help them! We spoke to Charlotte from Cuan for a better insight in to the charity and how the lottery can help them.

About Cuan Wildlife Rescue

Cuan Wildlife rescue are Shropshire’s only 24/7 wildlife charity. We rescue over 4000 animals a year and are dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds. We are the only wildlife rescue centre in Shropshire to offer a round-the-clock service.

As well as our day-to-day work looking after the county’s wild creatures, we also aim to educate of the public in the care and rehabilitation of wildlife and undertake research and advise other organisations in the field of wildlife rehabilitation.

The charity started in 1990 and has grown steadily over the years, with purpose-built facilities to meet the needs of any wildlife casualty that may come into our care.

Each year, we admit around 4,800 wildlife casualties. Once they’re well enough, the creatures we look after are always returned to the wild. Adults, particularly, will be released where they were found – they may have a mate waiting and will be returned to familiar territory.

Our primary goal is always to give the creatures a second chance at life.

The Future For Cuan Wildlife

Over the past years the charity has grown from strength to strength with the number of animals admitted growing every year. We hope to further grow the facilities within the hospital building on what we can accommodate as well as further the awareness of the charity through events.

What Are The Fundraising Goals For Cuan Wildlife Rescue?

We are always growing as a charity and constantly hope to raise awareness pf the care from Wildlife across Shropshire.

How Will Your Lottery Help?

The COVID crisis has had a dramatic effect on the charity with the cancellation of all summer events as well as the closing of both of our charity shops. The Weather Lottery will help greatly in supporting a regular income at this hard time as well as growing our number of supporters.

For more information on Cuan Wildlife Rescue be sure to check out their website and see all the great work they do. You can support them by joining their lottery from just £1, signing up is quick and easy with all profits going to the charity!

Fundraising In 2021

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