Why Charity Lotteries are so Successful

Volunteers, marketeers and fundraisers are always thinking of new and innovative ways on how to raise money for charity. It’s evident that some charities are more successful at fundraising than others, so what’s their secret? Sometimes it’s their core ethos that resonates with the public, their overall mission or their brand. More often than not; it’s their presence, engagement with the public, and their marketing budgets that are the deciding factors. For a charity; fundraising is key, and the people dedicated to this are always looking for interesting ways to secure funds, finding new revenue streams and increasing donations to their cause.

Some of the larger charities rely on national lottery funding, others can attract celebrity endorsements. However some small to medium-sized charities do not operate on that scale. This is when the launching of their own lottery is beneficial to all involved.

How to Raise Money for Charity

Launching your own lottery is not a lengthy and complicated process, external lottery managers can initiate and administer it for you. What external lottery managers essentially do is deal with the draw itself, pay the winners, and collate your lottery players. Subsequently the charities then encourage their supporters to join their lottery – signing them up for weekly £1 lottery plays, which buys them a unique digital lottery ticket. This lottery ticket (or ‘line’) is played each week and gives them a chance to win weekly cash prizes. From the lottery sales a small fee is taken to cover administration and prizes, following this all of the profits then go directly to the charity. It’s on a subscription basis, so the more players and lottery lines your charity has – the more money you will earn.

Can anyone Start a Lottery?

You have to be a registered charity in Great Britain to be able to run your own charity lottery. You can also be a society, sports club, foundation, or trust. Using a lottery for personal fundraising; or to inject funds into a business is strictly prohibited. If you’d like to find out about how to raise money for charity by starting a lottery, or to see if you are legible – contact us today.

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