How Much Money Can A Lottery Make?

If you are considering starting your own lottery, one of the first things you may be wondering is how much money a lottery can generate for your society. The answer is limitless.

Limitless Fundraising Possibilities

Thanks to the nature of a lottery, your society can earn money every single week. This means that week in, week out your society will be generating important funds to support itself. Using this continuous and reliable income allows your society to develop a long term fundraising strategy. With PPS our societies receive up to 50% off profits from their lottery. This means there are endless possibilities to the amount you can receive. At PPS we have zero set up or marketing costs, this means that every single penny you earn costs your society absolutely nothing!

The Value Of A Lottery

The average player plays our society lotteries for 5-7 years, playing with an average of 1.3 lines. This means that from just one player playing your society lottery, you could receive over £200 from just that one player! We expect all of our societies to gain at least 50 players on their lottery, with many capable of signing up 100 or even 250 players. To help put these numbers in perspective, check out these figures below:

  • 50 players = 65 lines per week. 65 lines = £32.50 per week. £32.50 x 52 = £1,690 per annum!

  • 100 players = 130 lines per week. 130 lines = £65.00 per week. £65.00 x 52 = £3,380 per annum!

  • 250 players = 325 lines per week. 325 lines = £162.50 per week. £162.50 x 52 = £8,450 per annum!

Now consider the average 5-7 years that a player plays your lottery. This means if you sign up 100 players, your lottery could earn up to an impressive £23,660! And the best part is it’s all yours to spend however your society chooses.

Making Your Lottery A Success

The more people that play your lottery, the more money you will receive. So, the only thing you have to do is promote your lottery to your supporters! Remind them that all profits go to your society and of course remind them that they can win up to £25,000! If you would like any help with promoting your lottery then please get in touch and our team will be more than happy to help!

Fundraising In 2021

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