What is an External Lottery Manager?

Prize Provision Services are an external lottery manager, comprising a team of fundraising, administrative, sales, data and marketing experts. We manage over 800 lotteries on behalf of charities, societies, in addition to teams and sports clubs all across Great Britain.

Due to the fact that not every society or charity is the same, we take an individual and personal approach to every new client we work with. Most of all because no two are identical; fundraising for and managing these clients requires patience, attentiveness as well as vision.

How an External Lottery Manager Operates

Many small to medium-sized charities probably don’t have large budgets or national lottery backing to keep them afloat, so they’re forced to look for alternative ways to fundraise. At Prize Provision Services we integrate fundraising methods seamlessly into a charity, usually in the form of a weekly cash lottery. Since we’re experienced external lottery managers in the fundraising industry; we’ve found lotteries are the most durable, most engaging and profitable forms of raising funds.

We make it simple; we launch your lottery, we provide marketing materials and support, you sell your lottery lines to you members, they win, and we pay them!

Sounds Too Good, How is this Possible?

What we do as external lottery managers is take a percentage from the ticket sales to cover basic admin costs, then 100% of the profits go directly to the charity or society. They are then free to spend it on improvements in addition to the running costs of their society. So if you need a clubhouse renovation, a ground expansion, merchandise or staff; launching your own lottery is the perfect solution to your fundraising challenge.

We deal with hundreds of charities and societies on a daily basis, with each one enjoying regular and sustainable profits week after week. If you think your club, society or charity would benefit from our services; don’t hesitate to get in touch today.