Generosity Decreasing Globally

Generosity appears to be on a downward pattern globally, despite a growing culture of charitable giving across many countries. This is according to the recently released Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) World Giving Index 10th edition. The Index bases their figures on what percentage of the population have helped a stranger, donated money to charity and volunteered their time for a charity.

The USA was found to be the most generous over the last 10 years with an average score of 58%. Myanmar is in second place and New Zealand in third place, meanwhile the UK is seventh. The report shows that the UK’s place on the World Giving Index peaked in 2011, 2013 and 2015. It also discovered a three year decline in the number of people giving to charity, although the overall amounts raised were stable with those who did give, giving more. Since the World Giving Index was first produced in 2010, five of the top 10 biggest risers are found in Asia, with Indonesia first among them. It is the only country in the top 10 to have improved its one year scores over recent years, with all of the others on a downwards trajectory. The USA for example peaked in the 2014 CAF World Giving Index with a score of 64%, seeing a steady decline in the next three reports, down to 56% in the 2017 Index before a very slight increase to 58% in World Giving Index 2018 meaning that overall, the USA has been on a downward trend in recent years.

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Downward Trend

Overall, the report identifies a recent downward trend in donations in key countries with long histories of giving, including the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland and the Netherlands where levels of individual giving are now lower than they were after the financial crisis. This could point to a dangerous trend for those who rely on giving, such as non for profit organisations. It is imperative that those that rely on fundraising and giving ensure a continuous source of income to not simply survive, but to flourish. A charity lottery can be an ideal solution for those charities trying create a regular cash flow. Lotteries have benefits for the player themselves as well as raising money for good causes. This means that despite generosity on the decline there is a real fundraising opportunity through lotteries. If you feel like you need help either starting a new lottery or managing your current one, why not look into an External Lottery Manager?

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