Fundraising for an Animal Charity

It’s no secret that we’re a nation of animal lovers. Be it dogs, cats, small furries, birds or reptiles; just under half of us share our homes with at least one of these creatures. It doesn’t just stop with household pets though. Us Brits are up there with the biggest animal fanatics in the world. As a nation we’re known for our generosity, and our passion for fundraising for an animal charity. We give a lot to charity, we love raising funds and enjoy helping sustain wildlife with volunteering and conservation efforts.

It’s not just the general public that have this love for animals, many celebrities, icons and famous faces actively get behind animal charities. One that many of us associate with all things nature, has recently campaigned for more animal funding. The great Sir David Attenborough.

Legendary broadcaster and national treasure Sir David Attenborough recently unveiled the ‘Lion’s Share Fund’, which is a UN initiative that requires companies to donate at least 0.5 per cent of their expenditure to support animals and their habitats.

Animal and wildlife expert and ambassador, Sir David Attenborough said:

“Animals are in 20 percent of all advertisements we see. Yet, they do not always receive the support they deserve. Until now.”

The UNDP is asking that advertisers contribute at least 0.5% of their media spend to the Lion Share fund for every advert they use that features an animal. The fund will then be used to support animals and their habitats around the world. This is a great step in the right direction, as according to UNDP administrator Achim Steiner, loss of species in the wild is estimated to be 1000 times the natural extinction rate.

To help animals, wildlife and habitats even further; many charities are launching their own fundraising lotteries. They work by incentivising support for their cause. When a supporter plays their charity lottery, they’re safe in the knowledge that all profits are going to the charity, and cash prizes are regularly awarded to winners.

Fundraising for an animal charity

Animal Charity Lotteries

If you want to start a charity lottery, there are certain criteria and licences required. This is why the vast majority of charities use an external lottery manager like Prize Provision Services, to administer the lottery for them. They manage all the admin, the legal requirements, the certification from the gambling commission, and pay out the prizes from their own pockets.

With many charities relying on volunteers; it’s clear why external lottery managers are great for taking care of all the lottery paperwork, and allowing the already-busy charity workers to do their most important work; fund-raining.

If you’d like to start your own animal charity, like many successful societies are already benefiting from; contact Prize Provision Services today.


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