Fareham Town Creeksiders start their lottery

About Fareham Town Creeksiders and how their lottery will help them

Welcome to Fareham Town Creeksiders

We believe we are the No1 football club in South Hampshire – The Creeksiders and we want to provide better conditions for the best supporters to watch us.

Please join our lottery to help provide funds for the club to achieve our aims.

All funds raised by you by participating in the lottery will only be spent on supporter’s facilities. We aim to, firstly, build a shelter at the Redlands End of the ground. This money is fully ring-fenced for this use alone and will not be used for any other purpose.


For just £1 a week you can join Fareham Town Creeksiders and win up to £25,000! Better yet, all of the profits from the lottery go directly to the charity. So not only do you win, but the park wins too. Join the Worthington Park lottery today!

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The Weather Lottery is a fundraising lottery service comprising of hundreds of individual society lotteries administered entirely by Prize Provision Services. It is a simple, reliable and consistent way for good causes of all shapes and sizes to start raising funds.

If you are looking for new ways of fundraising and would like to find out more about how a lottery could help, register your interest, or give us a call today on 0115 888 1 222 and we will be with you every step of the way.

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