Congratulations To Our £25,000 Jackpot Winners

We are very excited to have recently had a £25,000 jackpot winner. Congratulations to Mr John Davies, who won the jackpot whilst supporting Kirkby Lonsdale RUFC.

John Davies, and his wife, Jackie have been playing Kirkby Lonsdale RUFC‘s lottery for many years. They originally joined to support their friend who was president of the club at the time. Whilst they joined the lottery to support their friend, Jackie said the thought of knowing they were supporting a local cause was another big reason to join.

After their friend unfortunately passed away, John and Jackie continued to play the lottery to support the club in his memory. John and Jackie are certainly deserving winners of the jackpot, after playing for so long and for such a heart-warming reason.

We Thought It Would Be £1,000

When asked how she felt after finding out about the win, Jackie told us that she was “amazed”. After initially thinking they had only won “£1,000 maximum”, Jackie and John were taken aback by the amount written on the cheque. Seeing the look on their faces when they first saw the £25,000 cheque is one of the reasons we all love what we do here at Prize Provision Services.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 Jackie and John are unable to go out with their family to celebrate their big win. However have said they will be celebrating with them as soon as it is safe to do so, with a big family gathering.

Jackie and John plan to spend their winnings on trips to Menorca and Portugal to visit friends who live there, as their “long distance travelling days are over”. Depending on restrictions, they are also hoping to go away with the whole family next year.

Everybody here at Prize Provision Services hopes they are able to arrange their holiday sooner rather than later and have a wonderful time together.

It’s Less Than £5 A Month

We asked Jackie if she would recommend our lotteries and we got a resounding “Yes, certainly so. It costs less than £5 a month. People should definitely support local lotteries”. From everyone here at the Prize Provision Services team we would like to congratulate John and Jackie on their win and hope they get to enjoy every single penny of it.

If you think your society could benefit from it’s very own lottery then simply nominate them using the contact form below!

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