How to Raise Funds with a Charity Lottery

If you are actively looking to increase your charity or society’s funding, then a consistent and viable method is a charity lottery. Literally hundreds of charities and societies are doing just that; they’re receiving regular income from their ticket sales, and spending it on the growth and infrastructure of their charity. How did they do it? It’s easy, and we’re going to tell you how.

Charities and societies are fundamentally sustained by the generosity of the public, without the funding – they would cease to exist. So what many successful and profitable charities are doing to raise all-important funds – is launching their own charity lottery.

How do Charity Lotteries Work?

Charity and society lotteries create a new and exciting way to raise funds. Essentially they incentivise giving to a charity with weekly cash prizes, with 100% of all profits going directly into the charity’s coffers. It’s a unique and simple way of raising funds, and potentially has the longevity to run along the charity for as long as it’s active. A charity lottery has the potential sustainability of a monthly or annual membership, therefore meaning you wouldn’t have to rely 100% on direct donations.  In addition; your members are also supporting your cause on a weekly basis by trying their luck on your charity’s lottery.

Are Charity Lotteries Risky?

In a nutshell: NO, they pose little risk. Charities and societies can usually expect to see profits at a very early stage. Budgets are a genuine concern of all charities, as turnover and profits are key, and jeopardising them would be detrimental to their cash-flow. With an external lottery manager, (because all prizes are paid out of their pockets); there is no risk of a charity being liable to pay one or more of their winners the £25,000 jackpot! All prizes and lottery number allocations are handled by an external lottery administrator, therefore leaving the charities to do what they do best – raise funds for their cause in every way they can. Contact us today if you’d like to give your charity the push it needs:


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