Using Lotteries for Charity Fundraising

Fundraising is a difficult yet integral part of any charity, it’s the key to their cause and is essential to their survival. The most important aspect is to motivate your charity’s supporters into giving just that little bit more. It’s no surprise that with the current economic climate and all-round decreasing of spending; charity fundraising has become increasingly challenging. Therefore, many of the smarter charities are investing their efforts into running their very own charity lottery.

What are Charity Lotteries?


Charity lotteries are an innovative way of raising additional funds for a charity, society, foundation or trust. Most charities run solely on generous donations and memberships, or perhaps from money left to them in a will; therefore creating new ways to increase funding and donations are of most importance. Charity lotteries are managed by an external lottery manager, who set-up a lottery for the charity, then offer them advice, support and marketing materials. They also pay-out for all of the weekly prizes. What the charities do on their part is sell the lottery to its existing members, attract new ones, secure regular lottery players, then watch the profits rise.

Help with starting your own lottery

Are Charity Lotteries Expensive?


Running a charity lottery is not a costly or risky venture. An external lottery manager takes a nominal percentage from the lottery ticket (or ‘line’) sales to cover admin costs and prize fund, then 100% of the profits go directly to the charity. If a member or lottery player from the charity wins the £25,000 weekly jackpot – GREAT! That’s paid out by the external lottery manager, and not the charity. The charity is never liable to pay-out from its own pocket. As well as funding all prizes, the external lottery administrators handle the lottery players’ information, the draw, and the production of marketing materials. Hundreds of charities are already on-board, so get involved today and put the fun back into charity fundraising.

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