5 Reasons You Need a Society Lottery

It goes without saying that a society lottery is a great way of raising funds. But as you’ll already know, each method of fundraising you employ has pros and cons. Now that you know what a Society Lottery is, here are five huge reasons why you need a lottery:

  • Predictable Income – You’ll know the number of players subscribed to your lottery each week, so you can easily work out how much your lottery will raise, unlike inconsistent payments from wills or legacies.

  • Sustainable – Players subscribe to society lotteries and have an average lifetime of 5-7 years which means, guaranteeing long-term, sustainable support.

  • Unlimited – There is no limit on the amount you can raise: the more players, the more funds. A small society lottery may grow the level where a Gambling Commission licence is required, but that is not a bad problem to have!

  • Unrestricted – The funds raised where they’re needed, without any restrictions. For example, a legacy may leave money to buy a bench; money which can’t be used to fix the roof. Lottery profit isn’t associated with specification on where to spend, so you can use it where and when you need.

  • Fundraising reach – A lottery reaches donors who (although they won’t say it) require an incentive to donate. Many of the players you reach over time, will be new and as this is your lottery, they can be added straight in to your donor database.

Each of these factors could be considered key to any fundraising method, so to have them all together, makes a society lottery one of the best methods of fundraising there is.

Consider it like this – using a lottery, you’ll be building your database of donors and enjoying a lasting relationship with them. You’ll be able to accurately calculate your cash flow, raise an unlimited amount of funds and spend the money where it’s needed.

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