Digital Fundraising Doesn’t Mean Ignoring Older Generations

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Digital Fundraising Doesn't Mean Ignoring Older Generations There is a common belief within the fundraising sector that the older generations are more generous when it comes to fundraising. With many organisations tailoring their traditional marketing towards audiences of 35+. This has left charities trying wondering how to increase fundraising from younger groups.

Generosity Decreasing Globally

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Generosity Decreasing Globally Generosity appears to be on a downward pattern globally, despite a growing culture of charitable giving across many countries. This is according to the recently released Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) World Giving Index 10th edition. The Index bases their figures on what percentage of the population have helped a

Is The Older Generation Still The Most Charitable?

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Is The Older Generation Still The Most Charitable? Millennials are more committed to volunteering to make a difference than any other age group, according to our national survey looking at attitudes towards volunteering across the UK. Their survey showed of 2,001 UK adults showed that under 35s volunteer more than any other