Charity Lotteries – Fundraising That Works!

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Why Charity Lotteries are so Successful Volunteers, marketeers and fundraisers are always thinking of new and innovative ways on how to raise money for charity. It's evident that some charities are more successful at fundraising than others, so what's their secret? Sometimes it’s their core ethos that resonates with the public,

Fundraising for Charity with your own Lottery

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Using Lotteries for Charity Fundraising Fundraising is a difficult yet integral part of any charity, it’s the key to their cause and is essential to their survival. The most important aspect is to motivate your charity’s supporters into giving just that little bit more. It’s no surprise that with the current

Help with Starting your own Lottery

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What is an External Lottery Manager? Prize Provision Services are an external lottery manager, comprising a team of fundraising, administrative, sales, data and marketing experts. We manage over 800 lotteries on behalf of charities, societies, in addition to teams and sports clubs all across Great Britain. Due to the fact that not every